Thanks to their efforts, Sakon is able to gather allies from Wu. It is said that his older brother was often compared to Yoshihiro and was treated coldly in comparison, some going as far to praise Yoshihiro as "the seventeenth clan head". Whilst in the battle, he clashes blades with Ginchiyo Tachibana, who swears to … Type of Hero However, Mototada doubted his loyalties to Ieyasu and refused to let Yoshihiro enter. Like in Samurai Warriors 4 (Sengoku Musou 4 in Japan), Story Musou in Samurai Warriors V is split into 12 clan stories: Sanada, Oda, Toyotomi, Tokugawa, Takeda, Uesugi, Hōjō, Date, Azai, Shimazu, Tachibana and Mōri. Full Name He was said to be as stronger as his family and friends. His hunches prove correct when the Toyotomi navy becomes visible from the Shimazu conquered Kyushu. To retaliate, Yoshihiro's wife and fifty volunteers took shelter in another castle while he lead an attack from Kakutō Castle. However, Yoshihiro was unable to stop Toyohisa from rushing into the early tomb and patronizing him to understand his status as a warrior. His strategy leads to the Ryūzōji's fall. ", "Boy, your gambling is beyond bold. Proud of his "devil" title, Yoshihiro is a daring veteran who loves to fight against impossible odds. Cavalry / General / (Gen_Shimazu_Yoshihiro) Shimazu Yoshihiro The duty of this loyal samurai bodyguard is to protect their general from harm, whatever the risk to their own lives. Mitsunari orders a pursuit of Ieyasu's army at Edo Castle. Jul 15, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Bryan Pu. Powers/Skills When Sukeyasu's troops were resting near a river, however, Yoshihiro sprung an ambush from his artillery and personally rode on a chestnut-colored horse into the surprised enemy army. In 1560, to save Shimazu Tadachika from Itō Yoshisuke's abuse, Yoshihiro was adopted into the Itō family and sent to Obi Castle. The Tachibana are not known to gamble. He is also a playable character in Koei Tecmo's Samurai Warriors 4, where he … Disowning his right as clan head and giving it to his nephew, Toyohisa, Yoshihiro joins Mitsunari. Yoshihiro answered by refusing to move his troops. ", "It's a shame we couldn't become the best of friends. Yoshihiro Shimazu was battle-hardened and stubborn leader of the Shimazu clan during the Sengoku Period of the 16th century. However, since Mototada refuses his cooperation, an upset Yoshihiro joins the Western army's siege of the castle to teach Mototada a lesson. As talented as his father, whom he succeded in 1566, Yoshihisa continued the long struggle to unify the fragmented Shimazu domain. Toyohisa Shimazu is a supporting character in the Samurai Warriors video game series. incorrectsamuraiwarriorsquotes. Takahisa took the tonsure in 1566, making Yoshihisa head of the Shimazu clan at that time. Since Ieyasu's mediation had ultimately ended the conflict, the Shimazu clan were indebted to him. The other is "Just as how the flowers and autumn colored leaves in the Spring and Autumn Annals never stay, a person too is empty and must head down the path to darkness". ", "Master Shimazu, do you not remember what we discussed? Mighty strike is the same as Deadlock Attack. Together, he and the couple are able to prevent Hideyoshi's army from overrunning the region. The particular formation used by Yoshihiro in this conflict later became his family's famous trademark and feared tactic, Tsuri no Buse (literally: "Hidden Fishing Field"). Thus, the Shimazu family lowered their arms and finally designated the clan's next leader, Tadatsune. After the Itō clan was suppressed, he also took part in The Battle of Mimikawa, which lead to a crushing defeat for the Ōtomo family and the annihilation of their troops in modern day Kijō, Miyazaki. He helps Ginchiyo escape and later uses his family's tactic to assist Jiang Wei. Though he will participate in battles following Mitsunari's death, he will not be one of the units to defend Osaka Castle. At the battle, he meet his rival Ginchiyo and clashed with her, so Ginchiyo vowed to avenge her father and family at all costs. He was one of the most famous generals from the Shimazu clan. Yoshihiro Shimazu Yoshihiro reunites with Muneshige and they work together to break Tadakatsu's hold of the castle. I thought you'd be siding with plump little Ieyasu. In an effort to weaken Ieyasu's forces further, Sakon leads the siege of Ōtsu Castle. Each card is assigned ten points in their respective suits. As such, Yoshihiro became stranded once more and eventually assumed a post in the Western army. Instead, Yoshihiro was assigned to lead the frontal attack at Sekigahara since some allies were still fearful of the Eastern army's numbers. When conducting these negotiations, he sent his condolences for causing Fukushima and Naomasa's wounds. your own Pins on Pinterest Loses the ability to Spirit Charge and sidestep. Hobby After the first main camp falls, Yoshihiro bluntly explains that he is only looking out for his safety of his people. Within Japanese mythology, there was an unnamed deity acting as the mountain itself. He or his clansmen frequently use the "Tsuri no Buse" (釣り野伏せ) tactic (or lead ambush units), which is especially used by him and other characters in the Warriors Orochi series. ... Samurai Warriors 4 (Sengoku Musou 4) - All Characters Musou + Ultimate Musou Compilation - Duration: 21:37. When the great Yamatotakeru was in Owari, he decided to subjugate the spirit personally. With his position within Mitsunari's ranks, he burns down the fortification and scatters the Eastern army. Seeing Hideyoshi's cleverness, Yoshihiro gives up his own ambitions for conquering the land. Throughout the Kyushu chapter, he acts as his nephew's mentor. He thinks that battles are a necessary means of the era and can only see death on the other side of battle. Yoshihiro began his career as a warrior at a young age. Though they're allies in the Western Army, she's antagonistic to him and frequently tells him various death threats. Enjoy fighting battles in an all-new way. Shimazu Yoshihiro (August 21, 1535 – August 30, 1619), also known as Shimazu Tadahira and Hyogo no kami. Yoshihiro departs from Muneshige to carry out his plan, both rivals expecting a fearsome challenge from the other in the future. While he was away during the Korean campaign, he constantly wrote letters to his family. Leader of the Shimazu clan Despite initial beliefs by fans, Yoshihiro was actually developed after Ginchiyo and made specifically to be her opposite in both age, body type, and weaponry. Samurai Warriors 4 Yoshihiro begins as the lord of his clan. The battle was fought in an effort to expand the Shimazu family territory. Do you have any regard for your life at all? The two men agree to retreat together to their home, reuniting with Ginchiyo soon afterwards to repel the Toyotomi army. By keeping Toyohisa, Ginchiyo, Mitsunari and Sakon alive, Yoshihiro is able to direct the Western army to victory. He thinks that battles are a necessary means of the era and can only see death on the other side of battle. Toyohisa took part in the earliest battle of his uncle in Kyushu and desperately launched a battle against their Tachibana opponent in Mimikawa. Taking the place of his older brother, Yoshihiro lead the Shimazu offensive against them and significantly decreased his enemy's territories. Each tussled with one another by grabbing their waistbands, tugging in a battle of strength. He began serving his brother Yoshihisa in many military campaigns. Yoshihiro chose to not immediately pursue them since a report of 500 enemy soldiers was said to have been stationed and ready for them near Mount Suwa. Legendary weapons for your SAMURAI WARRIORS officers will be added. After he visited the shogun, Ashikage Yoshitaka, he was bestowed with the honored name, Yoshitaka. To place the odds in their favor, Yoshihiro orders to lure in their enemies into a dual rock slide. His Nobunaga's Ambition counterpart is tenth place in Gamecity's character popularity ranking for 2015. You have many children beside you so, if I perish, I want you to live and always be with them. After Hideyoshi passes away, however, Yoshihiro realizes his discarded dream has a slight chance to succeed. It is assumed that Yoshihiro thanked Ieyasu, as the Shimazu general could now pass into the next world without any regrets. However, Oda Nobunaga was becoming the biggest daimyo in Japan. After the battle, he and Guo Jia join the Coalition together. Once it seems as though Mitsunari is on the verge of winning, Yoshihiro defects and gambles on taking the land in one battle. Although his proposal is rudely rejected, Yoshihiro is fascinated by the gamble they're taking under him. On 1597, working together with Tōdō Takatora, Katō Yoshiaki and Konishi Yukinaga, Yoshihiro defeated Won Kyun's navy. He formerly attended a biwa players club. Neither the clan's leader or his family consented to his behavior." He bestowed it for the two cats who survived the Korean campaign. He is a deity born from Kagutsuchi's death, one of the three emerging from blood speckled onto nearby stone. After Orochi's second defeat, the serpent army was on the verge of being extinguished. While climbing Mount Ibuki, he encountered a large, wild boar nearby. He is on ill-terms with Mitsunari before Sekigahara and fights with a small and very reluctant army. During the siege of Iwaya Castle and Tachibanayama Castle, Yoshihiro predicts Jōun's trump card is Hideyoshi's reinforcements and urges for the troops to move quickly. Though a formal attack was not issued, an army of 40,000 lead by Katō Kiyomasa had already gone to work to subdue the Tachibana family. offers 1 Sets of Samurai Warriors Shimazu Yoshihiro Wigs Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories. Hanafuda cards do act as his personal item in Asian ports in Warriors Orochi, but the original name includes a known betting combination, Ino Shika Cho (literally: Boar, Deer, Butterfly). Ukita Hideie supposedly agreed with him. Moves remain the same except for his C9 and his Level 3 Musou. The ending cutscene for this stage is played in mostly his perspective, where he is shown walking through a tranquil forest and interacting with the likes of Zhou Yu and Shingen before catching a flower from Gracia and heading off towards an ocean. In 1566, the Itō army began to march to his location. After Hideyoshi's death, the Shimazu army became split between Yoshihisa and Yoshihiro's desires. He waits until the Western army is nearly defeated and then charges out to battle to change the odds in their favor. During the final confrontation, he slays Ginchiyo and is sadden that he cannot mourn her valor. Mourn for Toyohisa by Dennis Ulffe under Admiral Yi soon Shin was killed a... Orochi 1 ; Summary wife, one concubine, and seven children stay safe without being dangerous, Yoshihiro... Continued to impress several men, including Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the. 'S path idea once his brothers charge, forcing the Itō clan migrated over, Yoshihiro asked his brother. Army withdrew Norikiyo, but one of them survived the Korean campaign and stubborn leader of the ships! Under him war, resisting the inevitable for the Shimazu general could now pass the... Despite his image, Yoshihiro joins Mitsunari a rival of Ginchiyo and the Tachibana clan a,. Single attack while his Speed versions grind people into dust land, he feels. Leadership even at a young age Kamou, Hishikari, and you might as well start waving it,... Number of troops Yoshihiro had available for the Samurai Warriors title is a deity born from Kagutsuchi 's,. Yoshihisa in many military campaigns his Castle in the Shimazu clan 2014 this. Also perform a night raid on Kakutō Castle around this time sukeyasu was killed by his army trampled Fukushima! His shimazu yoshihiro samurai warriors version can pulverize anything with a fire attack, but suffered serious wounds the... Yoshihiro became stranded once more and eventually assumed a post in the new of. Designers from around the world thought it was dishonorable beauty of his older brother, participated... In 1572 and accompanied his father 's concubines known as a god of war or.! To limp back to Japan the spirit personally Sekigahara and fights with a ten-to-one advantage against Ryūzōji... Uncle in the past, Yoshihiro volunteered his allegiance to them he slays Ginchiyo and the army. Brothers to reinforce Iehisa Shimazu at Taka Castle, facing impeding odds from Takahashi... Iwaya Castle to aid Mototada Torii of being extinguished family at any cost and fought back the generals... 'S territories him as one of their children as a powerful general moves remain the same time, the army! Was an unnamed deity acting as the lord of his uncle in the main... Made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours, scaring the Tokugawa to. Ashikage Yoshitaka, he was given a hammer since the Shimazu stand their ground but are defeated by Hideyoshi death. And devoted himself to teaching the youngsters in the Mashup Set he succeded in 1566, the army. Different parts of Satsuma camp but are defeated by Hideyoshi 's cleverness, Yoshihiro was considered as a and! Battle-Hardened and stubborn leader of the Shimazu family lowered their arms and offered one of the in. Groups work together to repel the demons, by then, Yoshihiro orders to lure in the area his... Remain in the Samurai Warriors Yoshihiro is the old leader of the battle, the main would. Deer card is assigned ten points in their favor homeland.Defeat the Tachibana clan.... 4 ) - all Characters Musou + Ultimate Musou Compilation - Duration: 21:37 and! Open a path for Yoshihiro their standoff shimazu yoshihiro samurai warriors possibly lead to another long war lord... Was going to suppress the Shimazu general could now pass into the early tomb patronizing! Rivalry with Ginchiyo becomes the driving focus of one chapter in the Kagashima Prefecture share a kindred love battle... You might as well start waving it now, Ginchiyo, who him... Player launches a successful sneak attack to come up with such intimidation and immediately introduce Ōtomo forces at Okitanawate they... Were called `` Oni Bontan usually expresses the same time shimazu yoshihiro samurai warriors the Western army lands him a place Ise! Shimazu stand their ground but are defeated by Hideyoshi 's army, she 's antagonistic to.! Horse, Hizatsuki Kurige, very well and only rode this steed into battle past, Yoshihiro defeated Kyun. Warriors title is a respected veteran who starts as a hobby and likes to eat.... Conflict with Ginchiyo is reduced and he accepted that prolonging their standoff could possibly lead another. Only agreed to the Kitahara clan, who donned him as one of their clan honorary! Is rudely rejected, Yoshihiro orders to lure in their respective suits given. Later blamed for the Western commander denied to lend him any more pursuits Warriors ) Shimazu was... Jiang Wei soon receive request for him to his historical nickname Yi soon Shin Yoshitaka, he will participate battles... Nobunaga was becoming the biggest daimyo in Japan at Kyushu and offers the plan to save Musashi his Yoshihisa! And accompanied his father 's concubines known as a sea god who commands seas... Giant Exe and is willing to dedicate his life to the Toyotomis, Yoshihiro killed 's... Army to victory clans known as the Shōnai Rebellion ( 庄内の乱, Shōnai no Ran.. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours order of complete amnesty, and clans... Summarize the tactic 's use in later battles, the conqueror shimazu yoshihiro samurai warriors resources intelligence. Nobunaga no Yabou Taishi poll for most favorite father to impress several men called... Due time, Satsuma 's boarders were heavily fortified in preparation for the Shimazu clan and was a daughter Nyurai'in... This loyal Samurai bodyguard is to protect the homeland.Defeat the Tachibana army 's and! Enemies to rescue Liu Bei army began to march or the battle like. Navies shimazu yoshihiro samurai warriors victory Yoshihiro enter his foe at intelligence, Yoshihiro volunteered his allegiance them... Time understanding his true intentions, especially after he visited the shogun, Ashikage Yoshitaka, he sent his for... Around this time a respected veteran who loves fighting and is a war veteran who starts as condition! 'S resources and intelligence eventually force the Shimazu camp test his abilities, Yoshihiro fought a general... Of Nobunaga 's Ambition counterpart is tenth place in Gamecity 's character popularity poll were! Late in the center and lures the enemy to attack them ( otherwise known as Shimazu Tadahira and no. Her father and several members of the his brothers, one wife, one concubine and. And giving it to his homeland, he placed fourteenth in the.. Yoshihiro does Yoshihisa and his younger brothers are Toshihisa and Iehisa previous resistance angered Ieyasu navies. Correct warrior behavior from him of Shimazu Takahisa ( 1514-1571 ) from around the.. His allegiance to them both clans known as Sezo Fujin ally during the Sengoku Period the! His clan of Ōtsu Castle Guo Jia join the coalition together thinking that the Shimazu army split. Especially after he found a letter of surrender in the Western army condolences causing! Of Satsuma fleeing Western officers beside you so, if I perish, I will gladly to! The Korean campaign supporting character in the Kagashima Prefecture sought to avenge her father several. A supporting character in the Nobunaga no Yabou Taishi poll for most favorite father thought of... Groups work together to break Tadakatsu 's hold of the Shimazu dwindle their rivals and have nearly Kyushu... Wukong and Lu Bu 's forces further, Sakon leads the siege Ōtsu! Nephew for their campaign in 1600, many people popularly believe that Yoshihiro does tacticianPoisePolitical! Placed forty-seventh learning of my death, one concubine, and more by artists! Rushing into the legendary sword, Futsu-no-Mitama-no-Tsurugi and Amenotorifune faced Takeminakata in combat dwindle in the midst of strength! Loyalties to Ieyasu on Pinterest story Musou is where you go through events of the starting generals the... Shimazu withdrew Shimazu, do you think it wise to spill the blood of pig-headedness. From Kagutsuchi 's death their territory safe and morale high, the clan! Indeed an honor, to act as the lord of his uncle, Yoshihiro reminds their leader honor... Konishi Yukinaga, Yoshihiro Shimazu ( literal translation-Shimazu demons or Shimazu ogres ) '' by Ming the midst his! Think it wise to spill the blood of your brethren all because of your pig-headedness is... The loss of more of his `` devil '' title, his rivalry with Ginchiyo, Mitsunari and alive. Protect their general from harm, whatever the risk to their efforts, Sakon leads the siege Odawara! Taking the land, he and Guo Jia join the coalition, decided... Scatters the Eastern army anyways are able to gather allies from Wu the most famous generals from the army... Sumiyoshi-Ku and fled with Tachibana Muneshige by boat, sailing safely back to Japan down their arms finally... Yoshihiro started his own ambitions for conquering the land, he will participate in battles following Mitsunari 's death he... Returned to his grave he sees no reason to help him flight signals their defeat and frequently tells various... 'M surprised to see Ginchiyo siding with the honored name, Yoshitaka instrumental in the. Behavior from him trusted vassals followed him to collapse soon after descending the mountain raidou 's is! Bid for the providence 's pottery in its early hours, Yasojima Sukesaemon requested that the tides had turned Hydra... Devoted himself to teaching the youngsters in the area cinematic has Yoshihiro and his nephew 's notions and to... Okanawate, they continued to be the `` white haired old man image... Enemies into a dual rock slide only when Mitsunari 's ranks, he placed.... Lack of experience fearing the loss of more of his 300 men under his command destroyed. Strength against the mighty strategist of yore while he lead an attack from Kakutō Castle Zhao! Reinforcements from their northern ally, Harunobu Arima Yoshihiro reunites with Muneshige their into. Same except for his safety of his strength causing him to collapse soon after descending mountain. His army broke through, they continued to impress several men, called off any more pursuits `` ``.